What`s the Difference Between Melamine Moulding Powder and Melamine Powder?

Melamine molding powder and melamine powder are two different materials used in various industries. While both are derived from melamine and share some similarities, they differ significantly in composition and application.

Melamine powder, on the other hand, refers to powdered raw materials that are used as basic ingredients in the production of various melamine products. Unlike molding powder, melamine powder is not mixed with other additives and is in its purest form. Mainly used in plastics, adhesives, textiles, laminates and other industries.

The difference between these two materials can be further understood by examining their manufacturing process. Melamine molding compound is made by mixing melamine resin with pulp and other additives, and then going through a curing process. This mixture is then heated, cooled and ground into a fine powder for use in tableware and low voltage appliances.

In contrast, melamine powder is produced by synthesizing melamine using a two-step reaction process called condensation. The melamine crystals obtained from this process are then ground into a powder form that can be easily used as a base ingredient for a variety of applications.

Another notable difference between the two materials lies in their physical properties. Melamine molding powder has a granular texture and is available in a variety of colours. It can be easily molded into different shapes and designs, making it highly versatile in tableware manufacturing. However, melamine powder is a fine white powder with a crystalline.

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Melamine Moulding Powder

It often refers to 100% melamine moulding compound for tableware(A5, MMC) and low voltage electrical appliance. It is made by melamine resin, pulp and other additives.

Melamine tableware becomes popular as its properties of anti-scratch, heat-resistance, various available designs and relatively low price compared to porcelain.To have meet various designs, melamine moulding powder can be manufactured with different colors.

Melamine Powder

Melamine powder is the basic material for melamine formaldehyde (melamine resin). The resin is widely used in paper making, wood processing, plastic tableware making, flame-retardant additives.

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Melamine molding powder and melamine powder are different materials with different compositions and uses. While melamine molding powder is specifically used in the manufacture of tableware and low-voltage electrical appliances, melamine powder is used as a basic ingredient in a variety of products across industries. Understanding the differences between these materials is critical to selecting the correct material for a specific application.

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